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Stamping Nail Art :: Multi-Pastel

Products used:

UNT: Peel off base coat, Sun Envy top coat
Moyou: Skin Silk, Chill Out, Beach House, Steampunk plate in 07 and Holy Shapes 05
Masura: Black Base Colour
Tools: Clear Jelly Stamper, Scotch Tape

I recently purchased a MoYou Weekly Mani Box on impulse and received all of the MoYou pastel – highly pigmented but not gloopy – polishes stated above (plus White Knight not used in this design) and also 2 stamping plates from the Holy Shapes Collection. Wow! is all I can say about this mani box. Such great value for money: 4 polishes and two stamping plates (all retailing at £4.99 each). I’d have been silly not to buy this! Anywhos, even though this mani is MoYou-heavy, it’s not sponsored because I’m not that cool yet. Psh.

In addition to the perfect pastel mani box from MoYou, I had also made a large polish purchase with Hypnotic Polish, and decided to buy the White and Black base colours by Masura, a Russian polish brand (I used their magnetic polish in my herringbone nail art design a few posts back). The Black base you see in this design is by Masura and goes by the same name.

After I applied the base (two thin coats achieves full opacity), I added top coat. I found that whatever you stamp not only goes on a lot better, but some stamped polishes can easily be removed using tape if you have a top coat on. This doesn’t work 100 of the time, though.

I wanted to use all of the colours on my nails (except White Knight which I used in my previous post) so I blobbed each polish onto my chosen design from the Steampunk plate 07 before scraping away the excess and using my clear stamper to position and apply the design onto my nail. I used this design to apply on my middle and ring finger.

I didn’t want it all to look the same, so I used a design from the Holy Shapes plate 05 to stamp on a single chevron design. However, as the chevron lines are so close together, I used tape to remove a line and stamp them close to each other individually. This bit was a little tricky as my nail is curved and I found it slightly difficult getting the lines as straight as possible.

Overall I love this pastel design. It was fun to do and simple thanks to the clear stamper.

MoYou Stamping CU oops

p.s. I’ve startted bullet journalling because I’m cool af


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