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Nail Art :: Magnetic Herringbone

Products used:

UNT: Peel off base coat, Sun Envy top coat
Nails Inc: Aubrey Walk
: Precious Stones 904-109 (Cat’s Eye), Magnet
Striping tape

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I am SO obsessed with these magnetic polishes! They shift so beautifully and it really pops once you’ve applied a glossy top coat.

FYI, the magnet is very strong so when you store your polishes, make sure to keep your magnet (and anything else magnetic) away from these polishes to prevent separation.

I’ve tried this polish on over a black base and it looks stunning. I then wondered how it would look in a braid nail art design. This was my first time trying nail art using a magnetic polish so I wasn’t entirely sure how it would turn out. As you can see from my feature photo, it turned out bloody great *smug*

It doesn’t have the linear change to it as you would if you had the entire nail painted, but it still shifted and looked amazing nonetheless. However, I feel like I would need to have a play around with this design a few more times to see what the best position to hold the magnet is.

To do this design I used a black base colour. I haven’t tried any of these under a white base (or any other colour) but as you can tell, you really can’t go wrong with using black.

This design was a tid bit time consuming as I completed one nail at a time, but you can choose to

  • Cut out strips of striping tape so they are ready to be applied
  • Apply base coat on your nails and let it dry completely
  • Apply your base colour and also let it dry completely
  • Apply fast drying glossy top coat to prevent tape from pulling at your polish when you go to peel it off (especially if you’re using a peel off base coat), let it dry completely (this won’t take long)
  • Apply your tape in steps and make sure there are no gaps where the tape touches. In brick-layer terms (is that thing?), do the herringbone design.
  • Add a semi-thick layer of your magnetic polish covering your entire nail
  • Before the polish dries, pull off all the tape carefully to expose the design
  • Use your magnet to create the shift in the polish, let the polish dry completely
  • Apply two coats of glossy top coat to smooth out the dips the tape has created.

You’re done!

Magnet Braid CU

I’m going to try this design again but instead of using the magnet after peeling the tape off, I’m going to use the magnet before I take the tape off to see what kind of shift it gives.


Magnet Braid Macro


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