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Nail Art :: Spring in your Step

Products used:

UNT: Peel off base coat, Sun Envy top coat
Models Own: Artistix striping polish in Yellow, Pink, Lilac, Green, and Blue (all pastel colours)
Fine brush to use for cleaning up & Acetone

It’s still Spring, so I’m going to do a Spring themed nail art.

First step is to obviously make sure that you have your base coat on – I use a peel off because it means I don’t need to use acetone to take the polish off.

Step 2: Place the colours you wish to use in order so it is easier to use. I started painting my pinkie and so my order was: Pink, Green, Yellow, Blue, Purple. I chose this order to try and make sure the colours didn’t clash.

Note: You don’t have to own polishes specifically designed for nail art. Despite its convenience, you can just buy a striping brush and use your regular polish.

Step 3: Unscrew all of the caps on each bottle to make access to the polish easier. This may not be the best idea if your polish is fast drying (polishes from the Artistix line are fairly fast drying so I had to screw the caps back on after use to prevent the polish from going goopy).

Step 4: I painted a thick band covering the tips of each nail with the designated colours. This will look like a French tip manicure to begin however, there is no smile line.

Step 5: Once you have painted tips on each nail, put the polish back in order and pick the second colour to paint with. (This is why I wrote ‘Step’ in the title)

Here’s a terrible diagram to show you what I mean:


Step 6: Take your fine detail brush and acetone and clear up your edges.

Lastly, apply top coat and you’re done.


It’s a bit of an effort, but the outcome is cool.


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