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Minimalist Series :: Illusion

Products used:

UNT: Peel off base coat, Sun Envy top coat
Models Own: Nude Beige
Essence: Candy love
Fine Lining Brush

Sometimes I have the urge to change the shape of my nails, but that is way too much effort and because some of my nails/fingers are wonky, a rounded or ‘coffin’ shape doesn’t suit me unless they’re super long (and the only way to achieve this is with acrylics, uh nothanks).

So anyway, what you need are two colours. One has to be close to the colour of your skin in order to create the illusion. The other colour doesn’t matter, but I suggest a significantly lighter or darker colour to the nude. I chose a lighter colour.

Note: This would also look cool if you didn’t use a nude and instead used complimentary colours. However, it wouldn’t create that illusion we’re going for today.

I applied the lighter colour as my base. For this polish I had to apply 3 coats because – let’s face it –  it’s a bit shit. I then blobbed the nude beige onto plastic and dipped a fine lining brush before outlining the ‘new’ nail shape I wanted. Once I was happy, I then filled in the outer spaces. Apply top coat and viola.



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