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Freehand Nail Art :: Easter Speckled Egg

Products used:

UNT: Peel Off base coat, Sun Envy top coat
Models Own: Goose
L.A Colors: Energy Source
Nails Inc: Aubrey Walk
Acrylic Paint: Black
Detailing brush
Stamping Plate: random one from Amazon hehe

It took a while for me to get the black glitter evenly distributed in the bottle. The glitter had settled in the bottom corner of the polish which indicated that the base is too thin to hold the glitters suspended. Pretty sure my biceps are super ripped now.

As you may have (probably not) noticed, I always intend on removing the nail art as soon as I’m done taking photos for my blog and social media places (shout out to the best peel off base coat! whut-whut!). However, there are times where I love the nail art so much that I regret using a peel off basecoat.

This was one of those times… (#sadface)

Goose is a really nice, almost muted yellow jelly polish with different sized black glitters. It’s opaque in 3 coats. This did take a while to dry unfortunately and now I feel as if I should have added a similar, more opaque shade as a base to my base colour. I’ve become so accustomed to fast drying polishes that I now have zero patience when it comes to actually having to wait…. But I did for the sake of Easter!

I added a fast drying top coat so that the acrylic paint had a smooth base and as I was painting freehand, I could easily correct any mistakes (FYI: no mistakes made because I’m awesome).

I decided to keep this relatively simple by painting silhouettes of a bunny and a chick. On my ring finger, I stamped some white (Energy Source) dotted lines and on my pinkie I stamped blue/black (Aubrey Walk) flowers. I left my thumbnail because you don’t see the whole nail in photos. Minimal effort is my motto.

I added top coat.

Easter SpeckledCU


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