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Stamping Nail Art :: Rainbow Diamonds

Products Used:

UNT:Peel Off base coat, Sun Envy top coat
Nails Inc: Belgrave Place
Avon: Inspire, Viva Pink, Serene
L.A Colors: Energy Source, Static Electricity
Random stamping plate from Amazon (XY18) lol

No part of this nail art is holo (sadly) but rest assured holo will come…. Not in this blog post, though… or the next.

This was so fun to do! I used white as my base colour after I chose the colour scheme for the pattern. I chose white because I was using several different brand polishes that had different finishes. Some were more opaque than others, but it worked nonetheless.

I did two thin coats of Energy Source (white). I let this dry properly because I intended on stamping directly onto my nails instead of doing a reverse stamp (which would take much longer and ain’t nobody got time fa’dat).

For each nail I chose two colours and blobbed polish onto the stamping plate alternating the colours. I then used my scraper a few times over the plate to blend the colours a little before picking up the image on the stamp.

Note: I tested the outcome on white paper prior to doing my nails. This helps if you’re unsure and saves acetone. 

That’s it for the technique! I did the same to my other nails keeping the rainbow theme in mind.

Lastly, I topped off with a fast drying glossy top coat (I should’ve added holo over the rainbow to make it more rainbowy… what was I thinking?!)

Diamon Rainbow CU


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