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Nail Art :: Vampy Matte Gradient

Products Used:

Nails Inc: Nail Kale base coat, Black Taxi
Avon: Red Reveal
Elegant Touch – Gel Effect top coat
Barry M: Matte top coat
Bliss Kiss: Simply Peel
Makeup Sponge

This is an all year round manicure – not just for Halloween.

It’s a simple gradient that anyone can achieve.

To begin, prep your nails as usual. I used Nails Inc. Nail Kale base coat. I like this base coat, but I hate the smell. Luckily, it disappears once I applied my polish.

Apply a thin layer of your base colour: I used Red Reveal by Avon. This polish isn’t opaque in one coat, but that’s okay because we’re going to be sponging on the gradient.

As my polish was drying, I applied Simply Peel latex barrier on the area of skin the polish is likely to come in contact with. This makes clean up far easier and quicker than the traditional acetone and q-tip/cotton bud method. Now, I’m not saying you should go and buy this particular product straight away. I’ve seen many reviews and demonstrations that show it works exceptionally well, but I have yet to try any other latex/non-latex barriers to come to a conclusion. One thing I don’t like is that once the polish dries on the latex, it flakes off when the latex is stretched which is useless to me. I think you’d need to apply more than one coat of latex to create a thick layer instead of having just the one coat (an in depth review will probably come sometime in the future if I manage to get my hands on more similar products).

I digress.

When I finished applying the latex barrier to nail #10, the first one was dry and ready to go. I applied Black Taxi and Red reveal on a makeup sponge. I wanted the black to be at the tip of my nails so I made sure the red polish was on the edge of the sponge. Next, I stippled the colours onto my nails which created a seamless gradient

Note: using a sponge for gradient adds a thin layer of polish to the actual nail so you will more than likely need to do another coat depending on how sheer your polishes are.

I added one more coat to make it fully opaque and then carefully peeled the latex barrier off with tweezers.

The great thing about doing a gradient with a sponge is that because the layers are so thin, they dry a lot quicker. I was ready for top coat.

I applied a fast drying glossy top coat to even the bumps in the nail polish and also the ridges in my nails. Once this was dry, I applied a matte top coat to finish the design.

If you did manage to get polish on your cuticles then this is when you would do your clean up.


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