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Valentine’s Nail Art :: Hearts on Strings

Products Used:

Base Coat: UNT Peel off
L.A Colors: Live
Ciate: Mistress
Nails Inc: Mulberry Walk
Top Coat: Nail Apothecary
Tools: Detailing brush

I remember doing this nail art years ago where I had used acrylic paint instead of nail polish. Obviously this time, I decided to do it differently and just use polish.

After base coat, I applied two thin coats of my base colour. I picked up my detailing brush and carefully used Mistress to make the lines that will be the strings and made sure not to make them the same length.

Once that was done, I added hearts at the end of some of the strings using the same colours (Mistress) and on the other strings I used the darker colour to add some dimension.

Lastly, I added top coat and that’s that!


I’m not the biggest fan of using polish for detailing. I believe acrylic works better and you definitely have more room to play around and make mistakes. However, this nail art turned out quite well.


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