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Valentine’s Nail Art :: Gradient & Stamping

Products Used:

Base Coat: UNT Peel off
L.A Colors: Energy Source, Electra
Nails Inc: Regents Place
Angelica: Sugar & Spice
Models Own: Indian Ocean
MoYou Stamping Plate: 400
Tools: Clean up brush, nail scissors, acetone, tweezers, stamping tools, liquid latex, latex sponge
Top Coat: Nail Apothecary

To begin, you obviously need to apply a base coat – I used a peel off base coat as usual. Apply a barrier on your skin using anything you have – I used Simply Peel by Bliss Kiss. I applied Electra, Regents Place and Sugar and Spice on the sponge before stippling onto each nail. I only needed two coats of this.

I then applied a coat of Indian Ocean and realised Pink doesn’t suit me at all (but for the sake of this post, I carried on).

I tried stamping the design straight onto my nail, but the design warped so instead I chose to use the stamper to create a decal of the design. To do this I simply used it as normal to get the design on the stamper and then applied clear coat directly on top being careful not to smear the design. Unfortunately clear coat was taking longer to dry and was extremely fragile when I tried to peel it off, so I opted to use a top coat to cut down drying time.

Lastly, I used my tweezers to carefully peel the decal off the stamper and stick ti on my nail. I used acetone to help adhere the decal before using small scissors to cut off any excess. I applied top coat and viola!

I most certainly love how it turned out (I still think pink doesn’t suit me)..



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