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Nail Art :: Zig Zag Decal

I purchased a pack of those scissors that cut out different patterns over a year ago for a fiver from Hobbycraft. I’ve only ever used them once, and that’s to create this nail art design.

It requires a little bit of patience but not much else.

Products used

Base Coat
Lacquer resistant plastic (the plastic wrap from birthday cards are perfect)
Avon: Art Orange & Lime Splatter
Unknown Brand: Shimmery Blue
Pattern Scissors
Top Coat

I painted on two coats (or until opaque) of the Blue and Lime in squares (roughly 1.5inch x 1.5inch for one hand). I let those dry and then I applied a clear coat of polish over the top adding a few mm over the edge (this is to make it easy to peel off and not tear the polish). I then let it dry overnight (actually, I forgot about them so it was a few days between painting them on the plastic and this nail design).

I carefully peeled the Blue off the plastic and set it aside as I painted one thin coat of Lime Splatter on my nails. As they were drying, I a zig zag scissor design to cut pieces that would be thick enough for my nails. I easily got 5 strips from this. I set them aside and painted my pinkie finger with my second coat of Lime Splatter. I didn’t let it dry before applying my first strip of the Shimmery Blue I had just cut out. I used my tweezers to place it on and very gently pressed the strip onto the polish making sure not to create any dents.

Once the pinkie was done, I moved onto my ring finger and so on and so forth. I let my nails dry a little before applying my top coat so as to not smudge the design. Let it dry and you’re done!


It sounds like a lot of steps, but it takes no time and you’re guaranteed clean edges! You’re essentially making your own nail decals and creating designs without the need for using nail vinyls.

I did the same using the Lime Splatter with a different design over the Art Orange.



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