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Nail Art :: Barely There Stamping

Products Used:

Base coat: UNT Peel Off
Maybelline: Rouge Couture
Barry M: Persian
MoYou Plate: 400
Top coat: Nail Apothecary

Base coat of your choice (the usual). Note: You should always apply a basecoat before polishing your pretty digits. However, if you can’t be arsed most of the time, just make sure you at least apply base coat when using dark colours – especially berry shades (these stain like a biatch).

Apply thin coats. Seriously. If you want your polish to dry quicker, it’s better to apply a few thin coats than just one thick coat (saves drying time bruh). I only needed to apply two coats of my base colour. I didn’t know what polish I was going to stamp with, so my nails had time to dry whilst I was experimenting with different colours. If you prepared (unlike myself), then wait until your nail polish is dry (to check, lightly press your finger onto your polish, if your fingerprint doesn’t show up then you’re okay to start stamping).

I chose the shade Persian by Barry M from their Aquarium collection. It’s a sheer duo-chrome purple/khaki/goldish shade. It’s a very, very, very fine shimmer (almost metallic, but not). When I stamped this onto my pinkie it looked amazing. I added top coat which made it almost disappear. If you look at it really close up in the light, you’ll see it perfectly and it really does look stunning.

Even though this nail art is for anyone (like every other nail art out there), I reckon those who are inclined to keep it minimal could easily go for this. I reckon this is the nail art equivalent to the ‘business in the front, party in the back’ hair trend. You probably know it better as the ‘hidden hair dye’ or ‘secret rainbow hair’ but I think my name for it is way better.

So yah, look at it again O.o



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