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French Manicure :: Copper Leaf

Products used

Nails Inc: Nail Kale base coat – The base colour is entirely up to you. I used a base coat because it’s less effort (what can I say? I’m lazy)
Leaf stuff – any colour will do. I used a coppery coloured one obvs
Top coat
Tweezers and dotting tool to tear the shit out of that leaf

The easiest part was obviously applying the polish. The most time consuming part was applying the copper leaf. I used my tweezers and my dotting tool to tear the leaf into little pieces. This stuff sticks to most things (including your skin) so be careful. Don’t breathe too hard either. Seriously.

Whilst my nail polish was still a little tacky, I began applying to leaf using my dotting tool to the tips to create the ‘French manicure’ design. The idea was not to have a solid block of copper leaf going across the tip of my fingernails, hence why you ma be able to see some gaps.

Once I was done, I then applied two layers of top coat to achieve a smooth finish. It certainly helped make the copper leaf stand out, too.

I don’t have a close up because I need to sort out my lighting situation.


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