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Decal Nail Art :: Minty Marble

I love drag marble. It’s so much fun and pretty much everything you try looks good.

Products used

Base coat
Plastic sheet
Dotting tool
Clear polish
Barry M: Mint Green and Pacific (given to me by my amazing best friend)
Top coat

I’m going to explain in a bit of detail on how I did this design as I prefer to do drag marble this way and I have way more control over the polish on a flat surface as opposed to my curved nail beds.

To begin I got a plastic sheet (use a sturdy one that bends e.g. the packaging you get on greeting cards). I painted on three lines of nail polish next to each other (mint, pacific, mint) and made sure the colours touched. You’re not meant to let this dry, so I used my dotting tool to swirl the colours around. I did have a pattern in mind, but you can of course swirl it around randomly if you wanted.

I was quite pleased with the way it turned out so I decided to make another one using the same pattern technique except I swapped over the colours. This time I created lines in the order pacific, mint, pacific. Originally, I did it this way to see which of these looked better as some polishes can overpower other polishes making it difficult to see the design. However, I liked the way both looked so once the designs were dry, I applied clear polish over them to seal the design. You obviously cant peel the design off straight away, so wait until the polish has dried fully before attempting this.

Finally, I peeled the design off the plastic very carefully as it can easily tear or stretch, positioned and placed the ‘nail wrap’ over my painted nail. Note: It is important to have nail polish on your nail bed so that your nail wrap has something to stick to. I then pressed the entire thing down and used my tweezers to press the wrap down on all the edges of my nail. By doing this, I could easily tear off the excess without ruining my design. I would suggest you avoid using acetone as much as possible because this can easily dissolve parts of the wrap you intend on using. Instead, use small nail scissors to cut off the excess as much as possible and then use a little bit of acetone to clean up the cuticle area.

Once done just add top coat and voila! Don’t forget to seal your free edge!


Sounds pretty technical, but it’s actually quite easy.


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