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Halloween Nail Art :: Sugar Skull

Products used:

UNT: Peel off
FUN Lacquer: Moonlight Nocturne & Payday
Models Own: Pastel nail art pens in Pink, Yellow, Blue & Lilac or Green
Top coat
Acrylic Paint

I applied two coats of moonlight nocturne on all of my nails except my accent nail. On my accent nail, I applied one coat of payday from the brush, waited for it to dry, then sponged on payday to cover any nail peeking through. It only took 2 coats from sponging. This is the kind of polish you need backups for because wow.

Initially, I wanted to do a skull on my accent nail, and then some awesome filigree on the rest of my nails. I chose to use a colour that is complementary to purple – yellow/orange – and used acrylic paint. Unfortunately, I’m terrible at filigree as you can see below.


Seeing as I didn’t like the filigree, I wiped it all off with water (perks of using acrylic paint) and decided to make use of my pastel nail art pens and draw the same kind of skulls (as on my accent nail) in different colours. I think it came out quite nice – I didn’t want them perfect which I think made it look better. As Tyra would call it, it’s ugly-pretty.




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