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Halloween Nail Art :: Bleeding Cuticles

October is finally here and we all know what that means! MY BIRTHDAY 😀 No but in all seriousness: HALLOWEEN! the best day of the year alongside NYE and sometimes Christmas.

To begin this creepy series, I decided to do something easy-peasy – and almost glamorous – to help you go that extra mile for your outfit. Bleeding cuticles are all the rage nowadays and your manicurists worst nightmare.

Products Used:

UNT: peel off base coat
Models Own: Hayley’s Comet
Revlon Chroma Chameleon: Topaz
Max Factor Nailfinity: 900 Ruby Fruit
Seche Vite: Top coat
Small nail art brush
Glue (or anything you use to protect your fingers from all that deadly polish)

I applied the base coat and whilst it was drying, I applied the glue around my fingers to minimise clean-up time.

I then applied Hayley’s Comet and Topaz onto the sponge and began to stipple the colours on each nail.

Note: This took AGES. Both colours are extremely sheer and are really probably meant to be used as a coat on top of a darker colour to make it look prettier, but I liked it so I did it anyway.

After about 10 or so coats, I topped it off with a fast drying top coat.

Then, I blobbed Ruby Fruit onto some plastic, dipped my little brush and began to paint on the dark colour in small strokes beginning from the cuticle. I didn’t wait for the colour to dry (didn’t really need drying time anyway because the strokes are so little) and I alternated picking up bigger blobs of colour and smaller ones in order to create texture. This is what makes it look like dry/coagulated blood.

Once I was done, I didn’t add a top coat, as it would have removed the texture.


Let me know what you think 😀




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