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My LHR Journey: Session 3

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet. If you want more detail, then check out my previous posts on my laser hair removal journey.

So far I’ve only had 2 sessions of laser all over. It was now time for my third one, putting me half way to completion. Last session went okay with some tenderness after laser. The bikini area hurt a lot.

I fully expected to see Kirsty, but today a lovely lady called Emma was doing my laser treatment. We conversed the entire time, and I felt 100% comfortable around her. This definitely made my session better than I had anticipated as my mind was more on the conversation than the pain.

She started off with my face and zapped her way down my front before zapping my back from my legs to my torso. The larger surface areas were far less painful than the smaller bits (face and bikini). She used a cold pack for all areas before zapping which definitely made it less painful. I’d say the pain was overall between a 2 and 5/10.

The bikini area was by far the most painful part, but the cold pack helped so much in minimising the pain. I’d put that pain to about a 7.5/10. Pain is relative, though. So you may not find it as painful as I have. They do adjust the intensity depending on how much we can handle.

This took around 1.5 hours which is normal. My next appointment is in November and I’m looking forward to it (the sooner this is done, the sooner I can get a tattoo).

For those who live in London, Simply Hair Removal is located next to Goldhawk Road Station which is one stop from Hammersmith Station on the Hammersmith and City Line. They also have a 50% off all laser treatments offer, and I’m not sure how long it’s going to be running for.

I will be posting a before and after photo of one of my worst problem areas (calf) once my final session is over and I’ve healed up.



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