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Reverse French Manicure

Today’s nail art is a simple yet bold design that is quite easy to achieve.

I used two colours – Chrome Gold by Model’s Own and Electra by L. A. Colours

Initially, I was only going to switch the order of the colours for my feature nail, but then got a little carried away and decided to apply Electra on top of Chrome Gold on my pinky and index fingernail.

  1. Apply one coat of the Chrome Gold on my feature nail (Perks: Highly pigmented and dries ridiculously fast).
  2. Apply two coats of Electra on thumb, index, middle, and pinky fingers. Electra took longer to dry and you could probably get away with using only one coat, but I prefer using thin coats over thicker ones.
  3. Once polish is dry, I applied Chrome Gold and painted over the Electra only (and vice versa for the feature nail), leaving a few millimetres of space from my cuticle in order to achieve the reverse french manicure.
  4. You could stop here, or do what I did and apply Electra over the index and pinky fingernail.
  5. Finally, top it off with a fast drying top coat.

Overall I think it turned out quite well. You could also change the colours around – Instead of using Magenta, you could use White, or even a Royal Blue.

  • Have you tried this design? Was it easy?
  • What colours would you use?


– Bee


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