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My LHR Journey: Session 2

Summary & Results from Session #1

I began my laser hair removal journey when I came across a salon that specialises in hair removal using the newest technology to minimise discomfort. My first session (14/07/15) went really well and I have noticed results already! I’ve had to shave less often (I would have to shave my legs every other day, but now I can go two-three days until my next shave). I even saw patches of hair fall out and not grow back (or grow back very faint/slow as hell). This seems promising.

Sunday 9th August 2015

– I went in and was taken to a bigger room this time and by a different lady, Kirsty. She was lovely and kept me quite relaxed during the entire session with a nice bit of chit chat.

– She worked a little differently to Larysa (lady who did my first session and no longer works for SHR), but not much. I was also advised that she is increasing the intensity of the laser and that this will happen each session.

– She started off by sectioning my legs with a white pencil (and colouring in the mole on my calf), then proceeded to zap starting from the top of my thigh, one leg section at a time. There was very little pain, mostly pin-pricks. Pain: 3/10

– Next was the bikini area. Kirsty used the larger laser to do the majority of the bikini area(unlike Larysa, where she used the smaller one for the majority) She didn’t use a cool pack either like Larysa did. Instead there was a cooling attachment to the small laser which she held in place for a few seconds before zapping. I have to say, I much prefer the cold pack than the cooling attachment as I didn’t feel it was cold enough to numb me. It hurt a lot and I could bear it because I’m obviously a badass, but thankfully was over in minutes. Pain: 7/10

– After that was done, she moved to my stomach area and that didn’t hurt at all – Pain: 0/10

– It was time to do my arms. She sectioned my arms using the white pencil and went onto zapping. It didn’t hurt during, but a little time afterwards my arms began to tingle and feel very sensitive as if I had something hot spill on me. I suppose you could like the feeling to being sun burnt but I wouldn’t really know because I haven’t experienced sunburn before (be jelly). It was unpleasant but bearable. I let Kirsty know and she immediately applied an aloe moisturiser to help cool my arms down – also turned on the fan which helped a lot. Pain: 4/10(+0.5 because of the burning sensation after)

– Then onto my underarms which was over in a minute. They did feel quite sensitive afterward, but not as much as my arms did. Pain: 2/10

– She them moved to my face, again sectioning small areas to make sure she gets everywhere. She used a cool pack for my face and it helped loads. I only felt a few pricks whilst she was zapping and they weren’t painful. Pain: 1/10

– Now it was time to turn over. She began with the back of my thighs, which are a bit sensitive(zapping makes me involuntarily twitch and it makes me giggle each time it happens – I’m weird, I know). It didn’t hurt much, the same as having the front done. Pain: 3/10

– Onto my back. It didn’t hurt at all apart from my lower back which stung a teeny bit. She zapped around my tattoo. I realise that my tattoo area will be fluffy and the rest of me won’t.Pain: 2/10

– And we’re done! Yay!

This was my last session in Wembley as the shop is moving to Shephards Bush (lame), luckily it’s not too far via tube. I can’t say I’m excited about my next session as I was in more pain than the first time and the intensity will increase with each session. I have 4 more sessions to go and hopefully I will be free of hair once I am done! My next session is on Sunday 27th September. It was supposed to be on the 20th, but I’m in Berlin woo! Can’t wait!

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