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My LHR Journey: Session 1

It’s time for my first full body laser hair removal session, and I’m excited and nervous! Before I get into things, below is a list of things to do and thing to avoid pre and post treatment. I’ve taken this straight from the Simply Hair Removal website.

– Shave the area being treated the day before your treatment using soapy warm water.
– Inform us of any changes that may apply to the medical declaration form you completed.

– Wear tight fitted clothing on the day of the treatment.
– Apply any make-up or creams the day of the session
– Expose your skin to sunbeds, the natural sun or apply tanning products for two weeks prior to treatment.
– Use skin peels or any products containing Glycolic acid in the area to be treated at least two weeks prior to treatment.
– Use hair removal creams/bleach the hair
– Remove hair from the root by waxing, threading, tweezing or epilating the treatment area throughout the course of treatment.

– Keep skin hydrated with creams suggested by your therapist
– Apply a cold compress if the area feels hot or uncomfortable
– Contact us if you have any problems or questions.

– Scratch the area after treatment
– Use perfumed creams, soaps or lotions on the treatment area.
– Expose your skin to heat – e.g. sauna, hot baths/showers, or exercising for 48 hours after treatment
– Exfoliate or perform microdermabrasion for 10 days after treatment.

Sunday 14th June 2015

– Went in and discussed whether I adhered to the pre-treatment rules, then got bottom half undressed. The therapist, Larysa, sectioned my legs using white pencil and coloured in the mole on my calf to prevent the laser from reaching it. Larysa first did the front of the lower legs and then the front of the upper legs. Pain: 2/10

-I turned over onto my stomach and she zapped the back of my legs. This hurt a little more than the front. It feels like pin pricks and I could smell burnt hair the entire time (you get used to it).Pain: 4/10

-I turned over onto my back again and she prepared my bikini area for laser.

-She moved onto my back, colouring in my tattoo with the white pencil and advising that I cover it up with a plaster next time. The pain for this section varied as the back is such a large surface area and certain parts are more sensitive than others. Pain: 2-4/10

-I flipped over onto my back where she zapped my stomach before moving onto my bikini area. Pain: 1/10

-Cooling gel was applied to the area that was to be zapped and then a cold pack on top. We waited a few minutes until I felt numb enough for her to begin. A different laser with a smaller surface area was used for this procedure due to sensitivity. The parts of my bikini area that were numb didn’t hurt at all, however the parts that hadn’t numbed enough were significantly painful and made me twitch (embarrassing and funny at the same time). Personally, I’d say the pain was worth it because it was over so quickly. Pain: 7.5/10

-Now it was time to move onto my face. Before you get all judgey and disgusted, the laser was sanitised before being used on my face. Besides I’ve had a lot worse on my face, like acne (get your head out of the gutter). I had zero make-up/moisturiser on as per the pre-treatment rules. The same system was applied for my face as with my bikini area. Cooling gel, cold pack, and then zap. She handed me a pair of goggles that you’d wear in a sun bed to keep my eyes protected. For clarification I had my cheeks, jawline, sideburns and upper lip zapped. No shame. None of this hurt except the top bit of my side burns closest to my temple. Only because the hair is way thicker there and the cold pack wasn’t on there for too long. For this reason, she stopped and applied the cold pack on again for a few minutes. It helped. Pain: 7/10 for side burns, 0/10 for the rest.

-We’re onto the last bits of my body now. Larysa swapped the laser over back to the suction one and zapped at my underarms. This took 30 seconds for both pits. Pain: 1/10

-Onto the arms, she sectioned and zapped them one arm first and then the other. It literally took minutes to complete this. Pain: 2-3/10

-Lastly was my knuckles. I unfortunately have a little hair there (thank you Indian genes). She swapped lasers to the smaller surface area one and applied cooling gel before zapping. This bit felt like pin-pricks with a bit more pressure. It didn’t hurt, but wasn’t very comfortable either. Pain: 0/10


-I felt no sensitivity afterwards except for my lower leg area. I got a complimentary bottle of Aloe Vera moisturiser and advice on after care (see do’s and don’ts above).

Next sessions is in August, 8 WEEKS TIME! I need to learn to be patient.




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