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My Laser Hair Removal Journey: Patch Test

To begin, I would like to talk about how I came across Simply Hair Removal and what made me want to opt for laser hair removal over more traditional forms of hair removal. I was very comfortable with my salon therapist, Sally. She is amazing and runs Beauty Basement in Roehampton. However, I was unable to book her on weekends for my monthly bikini wax which led me to search closer to where I live in Wembley. A quick google search ended in me clicking on the Simply Hair Removal website. The prices for waxing seemed a little too good to be true but I’m not a fan of being so fluffy, so I emailed them to book an appointment. During our email correspondence, we spoke about laser hair removal as they specialise in that field. So I took a better look at their website and decided to also have a patch test done on the day of my wax, that way I could ask more questions about the procedure and the effects.

Sunday 17th May 2015

The salon/clinic is located in the Virgin Active next to Boots on Wembley High Street and is rather small, so when I went in, I was a little nervous (I’ve had a bad experience in the past). Before I was called in for my appointment, I was given a leaflet that explains a little more about the laser hair removal. I was also asked to write down any medication I was on (including vitamins) at the time so they are aware of anything that could contribute to any side effects from the laser. Sounds scary, but I feel better knowing they have covered all bases. It was then time to go in for my wax. The laser therapist, Larysa, is also qualified in beauty therapy, so she did my wax. Larysa suggested we do the patch test before the wax, so I removed my top and put on the sunglasses she handed me, then zap, it was over in a second. The laser worked using a suction before zapping and it was absolutely painless. During my wax, I asked Larysa as many questions I could think of (answers are paraphrased and not the tech’s own words):

  • How long is the process?

It depends on the area. The smallest area would take a few minutes and the largest area would take between 5-15 minutes depending on the size.

  • Have you had it done?

Yes, Larysa has had it done which put me at ease knowing the person zapping me has been through it and can personally recommend it (even though that’s probably part of her job). She has had a few places done and I believe she is practically hairless in those places.

  • How many sessions did you need?

For her bikini area, she said 4-5 sessions did the trick.

  • How was the pain like on the most sensitive place you’ve had laser on?

For the technician, it wasn’t painful at all. However, I understand that pain is relative so I’ll believe it when it’s happening to me.

  • Would you use the same laser on all areas?

No. For smaller areas, she will switch to a laser that zaps a smaller surface area and without suction, so this type of laser would require the use of cooling gel in order to minimise any discomfort.

Okay, so I wasn’t able to think of many as I was having my hair ripped away from my flesh, but I think I managed to ask a decent amount.

Once my wax was done, Larysa suggested she do the patch test on a few more places on my body in case I decided to go for the full body laser hair removal. I thought it was a great idea and so she zapped my shin with the suction laser and my jaw area below my side burns with the smaller laser using cooling gel.

That was it!

I went back to reception and decided to book in for 6 Sessions Full Body Laser Hair Removal. The original price is £1,500, but they were running a 50% off all laser treatments (which was the deciding factor that led me to book myself in for full body). At £750, I saw it as an investment. I’m quite sure I’ve already spent thousands on waxing, shaving, hair removal creams.

Simply Hair Removal describes the effectiveness of the treatment as:

“The Lightsheer Duet uses a diode laser which is widely regarded as the ‘Gold Standard’ in hair removal and far superior to most other lasers and IPL systems. In most cases, you should see 25% to 35% hair reduction with each treatment session with up to 95% total hair reduction after only 4-5 sessions.”

They don’t guarantee 100% hair reduction, so I know that there is a possibility my hair will still grow after this, but I suppose I’m taking a risk for a life with little to no hair growth.

As I had my wax done, my first session will be in 4 weeks time. Watch this space!



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